Tattered chairs, a raffish club and a long rainy trek down a dark lane on a winter’s night didn’t deter a terrific group gathering at the Henley Club for the first “Post Work Panacea” event where we had a terrific discussion of Watson’s Pier.

George Feast, convenor of the Oxford Alumni “Post Work Panacea” event made the introductions.  Thanks to Aron D’Souza, founder of the Henley Club, for hosting us.

Introduction for Joshua Funder from George Feast at Oxford Alumni Network Post Work Panacea

One of the highlights of the night was meeting Kathie Derham Moore, grand daughter of Brudenell White who was architect of the evacuation from Gallipoli.  White died in a plane crash as he assumed leadership of Australian military forces during World War II so she didn’t have a chance to hear his stories directly.  Kathie’s mother, Rosemary Derham, wrote “the Silence Ruse”, an account of the evacuation which became an important reference for Watson’s Pier.  Kathie wore an Anzac pin White has sent home to her grandmother from London towards the end of the Great War.  I hope that Watson’s Pier can contribute to our understanding of the remarkable evacuation and Brudenell White’s genius in conception of it.

Joshua Funder meets Kathie Derham Moore at Oxford Alumni Network "Post Work Panacea"

Sir Andrew Grimwade brought along the copy of Watson’s Pier he said he’d just finished and enjoyed reading.  Sir Andrew is a remarkable man and thankfully there was a lot to talk about apart from the book.

Sir Andrew Grimwade at OXford Alumni event with Josh Funder

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